Example Resources

This is an example of a page containing a selection of options for downloading content. It's intended to outline various methods you could (but don't have to) use on the site.

  • You can add a simple Text Link which when clicked will download a PDF, Word.doc, or any file into the browser
  • You can add a default styled button, which will do the same thing.
  • You can add a custom image or icon to achieve the same thing  
  • You can embed a single video into the page OR multiple videos in a list
  • You can display images (and even videos) in a gallery.

Using External Services like DropBox

To keep the website running smoothly, there is a maximum single file size allowance of 20MB. For any kind of document this is fairly substantial, but you might want to include a whole pack of resources for a specific group of people, or perhaps a video that they can download.

One way to do this would be to 'zip' up a folder and upload the zip file, however the file will most likely exceed the 20MB allowance.

This is where hosting files on an external service like DropBox comes in. You can create your folders on there and simply provide links to those folders. Like this...

The big advantage of doing it this way is that you can change and update content in those folders and you don't need to update anything on the website. It's a 'smarter' way of working in the cloud, but does rely on good organisation of your DropBox account and understanding from those with responsibility to update that it's important to keep the folder structure intact, otherwise the link with the website can be broken. (although it's a very quick and easy fix to replace the link)