Before we explore the Five Rooms within the Lead Academy House, we wanted to explain the “Roof” of the House, which is fundamental to our motivational beliefs – why we founded Lead Academy. 

The roof of the house represents the activity of God.  Far more than a theological statement, this emphasises the reality that we are all utterly dependent on Him and all fruitfulness comes from Him.  This means that worship is at its heart, God’s glory is its chief inspiration, prayer undergirds all its activities and discernment is key.  However, although God brings the increase, we are called to sow and to water; although God gives us the victory, we must do all we can to put things in order and align our lives to his will so that He can work through us.

God is the ultimate builder but we are called to co-labour with Him.  This requires us to follow His lead and to stay in step with His Spirit.  We can’t rush ahead and do the work for Him nor can we sit back and expect Him to do the work.  In short, co-labouring with Him, is to collaborate with Him!

We also believe that as Christ followers, we are called to share in Jesus’ mission by actively living out the “Great Commission” above.

It is for these reasons that we founded the Lead Academy.  To help Church Leadership Teams become the very best they can be, as they seek to fulfil their church’s vision.

Our other key motivational belief is that good leadership practice is delivered through a team of leaders working together, rather than one individual doing it alone.  We have come to realise that leading like Jesus is a daily journey and challenge rather than a final destination.  It can be done only in and through the power of the Holy Spirit in your life and committed relationship, first with God and then with others.

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