Through years of experience of church leadership in many different kinds of church within a variety of contexts, the Lead Academy team has developed a passion for establishing and sharing leading practices.  From these years of experience, and drawing together the best of the best, the Lead Academy has developed our five Church Leadership priorities.  We have described these using the image of a house with five rooms – The Lead Academy House.  We firmly believe that one model does not fit all situations, and so this is not a model which you can simply drag and drop into your context.  Rather, the Lead Academy House is designed to help leaders identify the way the Lord is calling them to lead in their particular situation..

The Lead Academy House consists of five “Rooms” which represent key areas that we believe make the greatest difference in leading a church community into the fullness of God’s purposes.

Lead Academy have lots of resources, documents and best practice to help you with these areas of your church’s life as part of our Lead Academy Next Programme. For more details click here.

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