Lead Academy Learning Communities

Our programme is a two year journey in which we assemble a group of churches that are similar in size or context so that they can help one another and share best practice and experiences.

Using four, two day learning community events spread out over the 2 years, we will look at Vision & Purpose, Leadership, Discipleship and Mission. Each two day session will contain short teaching sessions from members of our team or from gifted and experienced leaders from the UK or across the world. The remainder of the time is spent either processing the input in church teams or in mixed groups. Throughout the time, teams are asked to feed back their conclusions. At the end of the two days each team presents its plans for the next six months.

Key development areas covered by Lead Academy include:


  • Releasing missional imagination and creativity

  • Developing structures for mission

  • Barriers to mission


  • Pursuing the growth of disciple making disciples

  • Exploring learning styles

Vision & Purpose

  • Clarifying purpose, vision and strategy

  • Removal of growth barriers

  • Creating a culture of welcome and invitation


  • Developing teams

  • Leadership structures

  • Leadership pipeline

We aim to enable you to create and develop:

  • Focused and united leadership teams

  • Clarity of vision and strategy

  • A church culture that is committed to supporting that vision

  • A mobilised congregation

  • An embedded discipleship strategy

  • Church growth and community impact

Who do I bring from my team?

How does coaching work?

What’s Next?

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