About Us

Why Lead Academy?

Despite some recent encouragement over church attendance we all know that overall the church in the UK is in big trouble. Over the last 50 years in the eyes of the general population we have moved from normative, to outdated, to marginalised, to irrelevant, and now among a small but significant sector – somewhat alien.

We believe that the local church has the potential to transform communities. If we work together and encourage one another in our own unique contexts, we can reverse the trend and see substantial growth and influence. The processes that we have been developing at Lead Academy are proving to be a significant means of achieving just that.

What Can We Do?

If we believe that Jesus and the gospel have the same power  yesterday, today and forever, then we must ask why so few churches are having an impact. We need to face major issues like church culture, discipleship, mission and leadership with humility, honesty and courage and be willing to make the changes needed whatever the cost. Above all we need teams of leaders -
•    Committed to bringing change
•    Determined to harness the gifts and contribution of their members
•    Willing to do things differently for the sake of the gospel
•    Wanting to be accountable for taking back lost ground
•    Able to develop new thinking and practices for their church’s health and growth

Lead Academy exists to facilitate all of the above by equipping and inspiring you to fulfil God’s purpose for your church.