Partnering with Parents (Breakout 1)

The church can do what no other organisation can do for families. It can partner with parents to grow their children’s faith in Jesus Christ. North Point’s approach to ministry to children is two fold: large groups and small groups. In this seminar we will explore that approach and identify key values and principles that any church, no matter how large or small, can apply to its work with children. We’ll also talk about the significant role of the volunteers who make it all happen and how we can recruit and inspire them.

A Typical Sunday Morning Kids Ministry (Breakout 2)

Hundreds of kids pour into North Point’s kids’ environments every Sunday and we work hard to make it the best hour of their week. On the outside, we hope our environment is super-fun and inviting. Behind the scenes there are tons of systems running to make sure our environment is safe and efficient. In this breakout, we will walk you through a typical Sunday morning from drop off to pick up.

Double Barrelled Preaching (Breakout 1 & 4)

Engaging, effective communication is essential in all of our ministry environments and it is especially important in our preaching. However, week by week in our services we are presented with the challenge of a wide and varied audience. How do we ensure our preaching speaks to people who might be exploring faith and not yet be Christians and those who have been a part of the church for years?  How do you continue to hone your communication skills?  Come and hear one of North Point’s most experienced communicators on how we engage people with our preaching no matter where they are on their spiritual journey.

The Guest Experience (Breakout 1 - adult emphasis & 3 - family emphasis)

Have you ever wondered what guests actually think and feel when they walk into your building? Is it positive? Is it negative? Will they want to come back?  In this breakout, we’ll explain how we create attractive guest experiences and look at how we might apply them to churches of any size.

 The Sunday Morning Experience (Breakout 2 & 3)

 Every church has a template for their services. It may look a bit different week by week but essentially there is a pattern that determines what we do. Has that template evolved by accident or with a strategic intent? Join us in this breakout as we talk about putting together an engaging worship experience from opening song to closing prayer and everything in between.

Measurements that Matter (Breakout 4)

You can’t manage what you can’t measure!  That’s why, in life, we measure what’s important.  Lots of churches only measure their bank balance!  How do we know if we’ve reached our goals if we haven’t defined them in the first place?  In this breakout, we will look at why it is important to measure and what is important to measure.

Circles are better than rows (Breakout 3)

There is a road map you can follow when developing your small groups ministry.  In this breakout, we’ll talk about the key principles that form the framework of North Point’s small groups strategy and how you can contextualise it to your own church environment, regardless of size.

Making Vision Stick (Breakout 2 & 4)

Vision has the power to mobilise and motivate your church to go above and beyond.  It declares what could be and should be, the problem is that life is about whats happening now.  Vision leaks, how do you ensure the church embraces and lives out the vision when the busyness and urgency of life gets in the way?